Hunting & Fishing Lodge for Sale in Utah

Hunting & Fishing Lodge for Sale in Utah Properties

Take a Look At Some of Our Great Hunting & Fishing Lodge for Sale in Utah Properties

If you have ever dreamed of owning riverfront property, now may be time to make that dream come true. Whether you are ready to retire, looking for income or investment property, or wanting a weekend getaway home or cabin, Utah has a lot to offer.

Your Own Private Fishing Spot

Along the banks of the Bear, Colorado, Green, or San Juan River, there may just be some private fishing land for sale. Or, you may be able to find land for sale with its own private lake or pond. While Utah doesn’t see a large abundance of rainfall, less than 20 inches average per year, the state has a lot of waterways due to the melting of nearly 50 inches of snow coupled with the flow of rivers traveling in from other states.
Much of this rural area sees a lot of wildlife with hunting permits available for waterfowl, grouse, and pheasant, mule deer, antelope, and moose. Even when hunting on your own property, the state does require a basic hunting course, available in a variety of locations.

Hunting and Fishing Lodges for Sale in Utah

Combining your hobby with a desire to be your own boss could result in the purchase of a hunting and/or fishing lodge. The demand is high by vacationing anglers and hunters alike for private property in which to enjoy their sport away from the more crowded public land.
Utah has some prime locations where you may find a lodge, or grouping of cabins, just perfect for this. Offer privately-led tours and tips for beginners to the more advanced and you’ve got your own rural business away from the city in your own little piece of heaven.

Finding the Right Property for You

EV Ranchland specializes in rural properties in Utah and throughout the Northwest. If you are looking for a fishing lodge for sale in Utah, or a rustic cabin or luxurious rural homestead on riverfront property with an abundance of wildlife and gorgeous views, we can help you find it. Give one of EV Ranchland’s Utah agents a call and tell us about the property you have been dreaming of. We will help you find it.

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