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Take a Look At Some of Our Great California Properties

From San Diego to Santa Ynez, to the Sacramento Valley, California’s land offers prime locations for horse ranching, cattle ranching, agriculture, and recreation. And most anywhere in the state, there are small to large amounts of acreage for sale with luxurious homes, or perfect locations for the development of a home of your own design.

E&V Ranchland has some beautiful horse and ranch land listings with luxury houses for sale in California. But, if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we surely will help you find it.

California Horse and Ranch Land

Quality equestrian properties can be found from the southernmost tip to the northernmost location of the state and on either side of the Sierra Nevada. Most every breed of horse is bred here, and they are trained in almost every fashion or sport, from Warmbloods for jumping and premier events to the Quarter horse used for ranching and rodeo.

Cattle ranching and dairy farms abound in various parts of the state especially the San Joaquin Valley and to the north, and with them are some of the most exquisite homes around. Other agricultural and farming properties growing grapes to nuts, also have luxury homes built upon them. While many of these farms have been held within families for years and generations, some do come up for sale.

Recreational and Sporting Property

With the diversity of the state comes a diversity of sporting activities including fishing, hunting, bird watching, and whale watching. No matter your sport, there is land available with luxury houses for sale in California whether at the beach or in the mountains.

California is a big state, and the local brokers and agents of E&V Ranchland are familiar with most of it and all it has to offer. If we don’t have that prime piece of property you’ve been dreaming of, don’t worry, we will search out all of the listings to help you find it.

E&V Ranchland specializes in luxury properties, whether for investment or recreation. We will take the time to understand just what you are looking for and to help you find it. Give one of E&V Ranchland’s affiliates a call today and put us to work finding your dream property.

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